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2nd Young Explorers Selection Camp

The YEP candidates are:
South Africa: Daniel Maidment, 14yrs
China: Jun Lee, 17yrs
Russia: Alisa Baranskaya, 20yrs
Germany: Simon Straetker, 15, Philipp Griedl, 20yrs
Belgique: Annelies Vanherck, 16yrs
Bulgaria: Vesela Manolova, 19yrs
France: Lisève Fierens, 15yrs
Poland: Zofia Drapella, 17yrs
Spain : Gerd Coenen Gajardo, 17yrs, Pilar Orti Lopez, 19yrs
Switzerland: Raphael Gabella, 19yrs, Claire Von Siebenthal, 19yrs
UK (Swiss living in UK): Baptiste Glassey, 16yrs
Canada: Maxime Thibault-Le Blanc, 17yrs
USA: Andrew Lynch, 18yrs

The first evening for our YEP group was a relaxed evening where the youths were able to get to know each other and to familiarise themselves to their new environment. The following day was debuted with a visit to the Group E electrical plant in the nearby village of Broc. The visit was completed with an interesting discussion by their specialists about renewable energy and sustainability.

In the afternoon the youths started a series of tests, all carried out by the specialist doctors of the Mayo Clinic, USA. The tests include balance, reaction, stamina, respiration, cardiac fitness and discussions about diet and nutrition.

As tradition has it, the evenings during the camp are offered to our partners. We invite them to speak with the YEP's, discussing their motivaton towards the Pangaea project and their initiatives in working towards a brighter and sustainable future for the planet. Official equipment supplier, Wenger (the Swiss army knife) was the first partner to present themselves to our team.

Tuesday was another day of tests by the Mayo Clinic, as well as an outdoor mapwork course by our team of professional mountain guides. Geberit AG, a Swiss based market leader in sanitation products and Official Presenting Partner to the Pangaea Expedition, was the evening speaker and gave a highly interesting talk about water, sanitation and the importance of water preservation for the future of our planet.

Our YEP are tired this evening and are now preparing themselves for a day of search and rescue activities tomorrow.

We can happily say that they all seem to have settled in nicely and are getting on extremely well. They show great motivation and enthusiasm towards the Pangaea Expedition and each has a lot to contribute within the group.

More news tomorrow!

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