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2nd YEP Camp News

Today’s activities were planned on the Les Diablerets Glacier so the YE's were warmly dressed, equipped with backpack full of equipment, harness, helmet, caribiner, snow rackets, ski poles, and picnic.

A 40 minute bus drive took them to the base of the glacier. From here they all huddled into the cable car and were taken up to 3'000 meters to the Botta restaurant. Here the youths were able to prepare themselves for the upwards climb that lay ahead. They put on their ski racket’s and keeping a steady pace, walked 30 minutes to higher and colder altitudes. It was not easy as the climb was steep and the glacial wind dropped the temperatures even lower. Some seemed to suffer from the exertion but they were quickly rewarded once they reached the summit at 3'200meters. From here they had a panoramic view of 26 mountain peaks over 4'000 meters – well worth the walk!

The next task was to divide our 16 YE's into groups and with a team of experienced mountain guides they learnt about the mountain, and the glaciers. Then the fun part – to retrieve their friends fallen in crevasses. It was a little airy at first but once they realised they could trust their colleagues who were securing them, it became a lot more fun!

The tired group put their racket’s on once again and strolled down the mountain looking forward to a hot drink and some rest time once they returned to the hotel.

Philippa prepared a super dinner for the famished crowd before the evening seminar. This was a discussion about agriculture, covering some very important aspects, economic, social, environmental, and sustainability.

Another exciting day of activities tomorrow so our YE's have now retired to their beds.
Mercedes-Benz will treat them with the Mercedes-Benz driving experience. A fascinating day of learning about cars and latest technologies, testing driving skills on the ice and learning how to drive with a reduced petrol consumption.

Many other activities are in store for our YE's tomorrow but for now remain a secret!!


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