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Day 37 Trek to the South Pole

Mike calls from Lat 87°24.464'S Lon 81°47.757' W.

The weather has become more stable and temperatures have dropped conciderably. This makes the sled glide better and of course is great for the morale after all the struggling over the last few days!"

"The temps must be around -28°C so I need to protect my nose and of course my fingers."

"Unfortunately it seems that Borge and the two young explorers are stuck in Punta Arenas still. They will arrive in Antarctica as soon as the wind drops and the landing piste has been cleared. I will use the time I have now to advance as quickly as possible as my pace will most likely slow down when they arrive. My goal is to arrive at the Pole on the 16th of January so I must do an average of 28 kms a day!"

"I hope that today will be a good one."

Kind regards!


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