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Day 36 Trek to the South Pole

"The winds had turned and I saw the opportunity of taking out the kite. I imagined myself doing 100kms in one go so was very excited. Ha ha! I was mistaken because as soon as the kite was up un the air, a nasty wind gust came and tangled the kite cords. It took forever to untangle them! After fixing them I decided to use a smaller kite instead and as soon as it went up, low and behold, the wind died down and my opportuntity was over! I sadly packed the kites away again. I guess that is why kites in general are not used when heading to the pole. Only once you are leaving the pole does it become an option"
"To regain lost time I continued walking through the evening. I did 16kms and only stopped and got into my tent at 1h30am!"
"Lets hope today will be a better day." say Mike.

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