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Today's challenge was to return to Calcutta by our own means. Departure Point : Sunderban National Park. It took us 2 hours by bus to come here from Calcutta. How long are we going to take without organized transport?

We first took a boat along the river to reach the first village. We continued on foot to the next village. A few hours later, we rented a few bicycles to carry our heavy bags. We continued by tchuk -tchuk and then on foot again. We finally took a pirogue to cross a river and reach a train station.

People were giving us very questioning looks… they had never seen such adventurers! We reached Calcutta by train and as we were very tired, took a taxi to our hotel. It took us 9 hours to get to  Calcutta but what a great day!! After having discovered the organized chaos on the Indian roads travelling by bus, this challenge was an excellent way to visit the countryside of India.

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