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This morning, we visited a special school which welcomes children who have suffered from Leprosy. These children are all cured but need some rehabilitation. This privately run school is giving these underprivileged kids education and some work. Even though Leprosy can be easily cured nowadays, it still has a very bad image in India. We were all very impressed and full of respect for these children who have  suffered from and overcome this disease and now need to struggle to get back to normal life.

In the afternoon, thanks to Mike’s friends, we got tickets for the cricket game India vs South Africa at Eden Gardens, the oldest cricket ground in India! How lucky to have such an opportunity! Cricket is a national sport in India and this game against South Africa was very special for us, having Paridhi supporting her country and Reuben, Mike, Martin and our cameraman Moose supporting South Africa , excitement was very high!!!

Today was already the last day of the Expedition, time goes by so quickly… We spent this last evening having a nice dinner together and discussing with Mike our future projects. The expedition is about to end but our mission to conserve our planet is just starting now!!

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