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14th of Feb, day 14,

Today we woke up at 8:00 and had a breakfast in our camp before going back on our small boat. We started to navigate down the channel at 9:00.

We were all excited to find some animals. and hopefully a tiger. But realistically we all knew that we would be really lucky to see one!

The first animals we saw were some monkeys. As usual they were playing around next to the water and were not afraid at all from our boat.

We went further down the channels, trying to spot anything on the shore. Suddenly, we saw a big crocodile laying next to the water. Apparently he was sleeping and we could approach relatively close from it. He finally woke up and disappeared into the water.

During the afternoon, Mike took some time to make some interviews with the Young Explorers and see what were their impressions and memories about the Indian expedition.

At the end of the day, while we were coming back to the main channel that conducted us to the camp, we saw some deers. These animals are very alert and as soon as they heard our boat they run into the mangroves.

We crossed a few local boats in an amazing sunset. We arrived back to our camp by night. Unfortunately, we didn't sea any tigers but in any case it was a great experience to navigate in the Sunderbans and realize how wide this area is, but also how fragile it is.

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