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This morning breakfast was at 8.30am. Before heading to the Sunderbans National Park, we quickly went in the city to buy some essential insect repellent !! Once well furnished, we left Calcutta by bus. The 2 hour drive through the Indian country side was an adventure on itself ! What a good real taste of the Indian culture. Rules and regulations don't seem to be followed, our driver slalomed inbetween bicycles, cars, trucks and cows!! Despite the feeling of being in a big chaos, the Indians are finally well organised and accidents never happen.

After this epic trip, we took a boat and reached the entrance of theSunderbans Tiger reserve to get all the necessary permissions for our visit. This Tiger reserve is the largest in India. Everyone is very excited and hope to have the chance to observe a few tigers soon!

We headed further into the labyrinth of channels and stopped next at an observation tower. We saw 2 deers and monkeys but unfortunately no tigers yet. The day ended with a beautiful sunset on the mangroves forest.

We are spending the night in a lodge and can't wait for tomorrow, hoping to be more lucky and see some tigers!

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