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Today, the alarm clock was set up at 5.00am. Everyone was ready, everything was packed and it was time to say Good Bye to the Pangaea crew. For Paridhi, Valentina, Florence, Lucie, Catherine, Elena, Mark, Manu and Reuben, it was quite a special moment to leave Pangaea after the 12 amazing days spent onboard this great sailing vessel.

At the airport we got through all the security checks but not without some administrative challenges! During our stop over in Chennai, we tested some local take away food and enjoyed excellent sweets.

And we finally were ready to fly to our final destination : Calcutta. Everyone was very excited and curious to discover the city and no one was disappointed. What a huge contrast!!

Calcutta is a very chaotic city, dusty and polluted. The day ended with a dinner in a local restaurant where we enjoyed some very spicy Indian food! The Young Explorers went in bed quite early to get some sleep before the next adventure tomorrow.

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