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11th of February, day 11

Awake at 7am this morning, our Young Explorers have had an extremely long night! The programme today was quite relaxed as we were now moored in the harbor of Port Blair. The team started the day with cleaning, not only on the deck but also in the garage, cabins and in the galley. Today was our last day on Pangaea and we had to leave it as clean as we found it!

In the afternoon we went on shore and spent a couple of hours exploring Port Blair, the port of entry for the Andaman Islands. Even If it's a relatively small town, it's very busy and crowded. As often in India, goats and cows are part of the city life and it's not unusual to cross a few of these animals on the road. The taxis and tchuk-tchuk are also part of the traditional images we have from India. The main streets were full of small shops, most of them offering the same products for sale. It's extremely difficult to find any specific articles. Our Young Explorers bought some presents for their families back home and tested the local traditional food. We arrived back on Pangaea at sunset and had a traditional India dinner brought from a local take away shop. We all sat outside to eat and Mike told some stories about his past expeditions.

Everyone listened carefully, in awe of his experiences in adventure and exploration of the world. We finished the evening with videos filmed and edited by our Young Explorers. Our cameraman Moose, had also prepared some amazing images for us, fantastic memories of everything we have done here in the Andaman Islands.

Tomorrow morning we will say 'Goodbye' to Pangaea as we fly to Calcutta. After an amazing 10 days in the prestine nature of the Andaman Islands we will encounter the huge contrast of this bustling city. It saddens us to leave the Andamans but we are also excited to carry on the adventure and discover new horizons.


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