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Broad Peak – summit attempt

Waist deep snow stops the ascencion of Broad Peak summit for Mike Horn and Kobi Reichen.

They left base camp at 4am local time and ascended to camp three at 7'000 meters of altitude. Here they met up with their previosly cached tent and supplies and were able to rest for a while before attempting the summit at 8'047m of altitude.

200 meters into the final summit ascencion they were wading through waist deep snow. Obviously the summit would not be their's today so they turned around and headed back to base camp. They arrived around 10 am this morning, very happy with their attempt and are looking foward to trying it again when the next weather widow permits.

A Spanish team of seven also tried for the summit yesterday and struck against the same problems. They too have descended again and will be once again playing the waiting game over the next few days.

For now Mike and Kobi, can relax and tuck into a well deserved meal and a good rest!

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