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Broad Peak – summit attempt

28th of June 2010 – 14h00 hrs local time. After 10 hours of ascencion, Mike Horn and Kobi Reichen arrive at Broad Peak's 3rd camp situated at 7'000m altitude.

They left base camp (5'000m) at 04h00 local time and progressed in the evening hours before the snow warmed and softened. Now at 7'000m they have set up camp and will rest during the heat of the day. It is predicted that they will set off again at 20h00 and if all going well will get to the summit any time between 01h00 and 03h00 tomorrow morning.

Making the summit is still uncertain due to the fact that there are large quantities of snow this year. They will only be able to assess conditions as they climb.

We are predicting another two teams will also set off to do the summit today as the weather has cleared and looks to be a perfect day. The good weather window will not remain open for too long however as the wind is expected to pick up tomorrow.

We wish them all GOOD LUCK!!!

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