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Borneo Selection Camp: Day 7

by Jose Baz, 20, Lebanon by Eugénie Guillaume, 18, France

Waking up 6.30 in the morning is quite sweet, but i can assure that biking first thing in the morning is the best feeling ever. After we were done, we headed back to the hôtel had breakfast and headed to the conference room were Dr. Rosevita from Germany who gave us a presentation on Indonesia where the next expedition will be held. It was very interesting because it nearly covered everything about the country. ( from culture to religion, geography, climate, tropical rain forests, bio diversity, economy…) and much more. The présentation nearly took around 5 hours, all the Young explorers were excited to acquire this useful information that will help them in their expedition. It was lunch time, we all headed to the dinning room. Afterward, Brian Cutler from Spot Image USA came and gave us a presentation on satellite Imaging and how we could use satellite programs to post in our studies that we do on Google earth so everyone could get use of it. At the end, Brian had fixed in our addresses previously on Google earth, so we got to show the other explorers our houses, schools and universities. It was so nice because everyone of us wanted to know where we actually lived…

by Daniel Kotzé, 20, South Africa

Of course it was also Switzerland`s national day (we had pizza and dessert !) so there were Swiss flags hanging from every house, on every T-shirt and even the balloons and cakes was not uncrossed. The town put up quite a show and we were right in the middle of the action! The was a marching band and a truck with a spectacular flaming mechanism . We followed all the people up the hill and viewed some spectacular fireworks along with a bonfire and good music. The countryside atmosphere was magical! We decided to climb the hill to the church and end the night of with a breathtaking 360° view of lights, fires and a few late night fireworks.

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