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Borneo Selection Camp: Day 6

Joyce Xiaoxi Wang, 16, China

Garrett Celestin, 15, USA

Kerstin Dörner, 18, Germany

Another great day at the young explorers’ training camp. Like every morning, we woke up really early – 6 :30. We began with a very nice bike ride along a river and up and down mountain roads. The scenery was amazing: mountains in the rising morning sun and some hot air balloons.

After breakfast we split into two groups. One group worked on editing their videos about water, electricity or nutrition. The results, which were presented in the evening, were great, amazing and funny. The other group learned about photography. We got to try out our skills at the local church of Château d’Oex. Afterwards we presented our favourite shots and discussed about improvements. Both of these activities were great learning experiences.

The afternoon activity was a surprise, as it often happens here. With Erwan, a mountain guide from Petzl, we walked across a thin wire 12 meters above the cold mountain water. We were harnessed in, but the phrase «don’t look down » became very popular. Once we crossed the wire we stood on a small platform, the water beneath us. We went down a flying fox, a sloped wire you zip down. Ways to fast it was over.

Another great meal from the chef – we work so hard throughout the day that we all help ourselves to seconds and thirds. We have a saying here – « At the Young Explorers’ Camp you have to earn your food!». We saw another great video of Mike Horn’s expeditions. It was inspiring.

The night is going to be long. We still have homework – because we were too busy throughout the week to do it, and honestly just decided to wait. Tomorrow will be another great day and we are all looking forward to the many activities we will do !

We have grown together into a perfect team. We are enjoying every single second. The time seems to fly.

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