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Borneo Selection Camp: Day 5

by Michelle Nay, 18, Switzerland Rodrigo Neves Steinman, 16, Brazil

Today morning exercise was mountain biking. It was quite hard especially for the people that are not that used to the mountains. Some of us even fell, but fortunately nobody got hurt and we all made it to the hotel alive.

After that we had breakfast and went to the lake to do some kayaking and made a cairn. It was freezing but also very funny (we all finished it wet, but it didn`t matter). We had a great picnic by the lake and the outdoor activities continued. We moved on to the river to do the canyoning. Our guides explained us how it works and after we got in our wetsuits and our equipment (the hardest part of the day :-)) and then the fun began! It was just amazing, we floated, walked and slid through the canyon. The best thing was the ten meter jump off a rock! In the end it was a little bit cold, but some of the views of the canyon were just amazing! It was one more unforgettable experience for us in this camp!

Afterwards we had an interesting presentation from Nespresso and we learned how this big company cares about the environment and we had to discuss what we would do if we were the boss of the company! After the delicious dinner we shot some scenes for our movie project which we’re going to edit tomorrow! We’re all very tired but it’s so exciting here!

Hannes Van Eynde, 17, Belgium

Our Young Explorers group here in Switzerland is just UNBELIEVABLE !

A bunch of youngster from all around the world, all so different and yet we’re all the same… We’re all here with the same idea : pushing our limits beyond Imaginable hights ! Without asking anything in return, everyone was just helping and supporting each other from the very beginning. Like a real group should do.

Getting to know all the different cultures and countries is so amazing too. We could talk for hours about each other’s habits and languages. Just sharing all of our ideas and laughing together makes an international band that can’t ever be broken again.

The camp is just a giant shower of new and exciting experiences. And it will probably keep on flowing for the next 6 days ! I can only quote Daniel in our very similar languages to describe it : Lekker !

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