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Borneo Selection Camp: Day 4

by Eugénie Guillaume, 18, France

by DongKyun Seo, 20, South Korea

by Hector Prats L Castro, 16, Spain

There is only one word to describe this 4th day in Switzerland: AMAZING!

The morning exercise, some basic but useful first aid knowledge, a great absailing experience (rappeling down in a great landscape, in the middle of a river canoon), finishing the fitness tests with the Mayo Clinic professionals, meeting new YEPers from New Zealand expedition (Annelies and Simon), a complete lecture of Swiss Army Knives from Wenger (with a Ranger Knive as present!), an improvisated birthday party (happy birthday yasmine!)… Everything has been really interesting!

The most important thing is the ambiance we have between us. We come from different and distant countries and, of course, we have all different personalities. But that doesn't matter, because we all make an effort to deal together and share our ideas, traditions, our ways of living, our culture…

Everybody is very motivated for all the activities and for doing as best as possible. We are very complementary and this is our strenght!

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