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Borneo Selection Camp: Day 3

by Daniel Kotzé, 20, South Africa

Today was set to be the first day of being active and it did not disappoint. We got up early to have a short morning jog downhill to a jungle gym. We did some training and had real fun there, but then realized that the way back to the hotel was uphill and it was quite a hard run.

The group was then split up into two and group 1 had the task of interpreting maps and then going out into the town and coutryside and actually following our bearings that we calculating. Martin and mountain guide, Claude Alain taught us some very useful things. But hopefuly we will never get lost! And as always the food was great (lekker!)..

by Simon Havas, 15, Czech Republic

Today was a special day for me and also for other young explorers! We had the chance to discover our physical power with the help of friendly guys from Mayo Clinic (Minnesota).

We did lots of exercises! Group 2 stared the Mayo clinic testing. We are not finished-the second part still awaits us tomorrow. Today we did blood pressure, breath hold, flexibility, balance and the most exiting (VO2 test) on a treadmill. Thanks to modern technology New Leaf we perfectly know our results in endurance. When I think about the tests we had… Good team results!

by Soledad Escribano, 19, Argentina

Hi to everyone !!

After a very long, interesting, and tough morning we had a relaxed but stimulating afternoon. Geberit, the european market leader in sanitary technology, gave us a talk about their sanitations systems and mainly about water (what is it, it’s relevance, how we use it, and how to purify it). We ran short of time because everyone had lots of questions, and information to add. It seems that it was very useful because not only we learned new things, but also because we interacted and expressed our opinions.

The final task was to prepare a new video, related with some of the issues we have learned until today : water, nutrition or electricity. Everyone was quite excited, so we started right away !!!

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