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Borneo Selection Camp: Day 2

July 27th, 2009
by Tim Rohner, 17, Switzerland

Today was just amazing ! In the morning, we got up at about 6 o’clock, had a big breakfast and then headed straight to the center of Groupe E, a big electricity producer. We spent the whole morning there, learning more about environment and visiting great infrastructure. After that, we went to a conference room and listened to a presentation from two Groupe E guys, talked about the things we have seen and what we are thinking about environment. It was great to discuss with a bunch of experts and people who have plenty of suggestions !
In the end we presented our posters, upon we wrote suggestions for the protection of the environment.

The morning was amazing and after the whole visitation, we drove back to Château D’Oex.

by Jose Baz, 20, Lebanon

After the morning workshop at Groupe E, we headed to the hotel. Lunch was already prepared by the Chef of the Mike Horn Team. We had chicken with salad and some potatoes… Each one of the young explorers helped the team in cleaning up the dishes. After that, Martin came up and told us about the afternoon session with the Mayo Clinic team. The worskhop focused on, how to measure fitness, how to stay fit and a nutrition part where the team explained to us more about the benefits of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. It was really interesting taking tips from such a professional team that conducts experiments on professional athletes. We also had to fill in some sort of forums about our own training back home.

At the end of the session the team took our BMI, weight, height and wrote them down in our personal files.

I realized that the job of the Myo clinic is really interesting, since afterall its because of them we know how the human body functions when doing sports.

by Tiffany De Klerk, 16, South Africa

it’s finally sunk in! I am really now part of the Young Explorers team. Everyone is so interesting and I am starting to get to know everyone a little better. I look at my watch and then outside the window at the Mike Horn Centre. It is still light outside but my watch says it’s already 19:00 and we have just had and delicious dinner.

Our program for tonight was very exciting. We had a short lecture about filming and the techniques used in camera work kindly done for us by our camera man Moose. Thanks Moose! We learnt all about preparing a camera before shooting, Planning each shot before actually filming it and then when shooting checking for things like Audio, White Balance. Moose explained all the different types of shots and positioning of subjects to create an interesting video.

Finally it was time to Act. We got into groups of 5 and had to make a short little video using all the techniques we had learnt. It’s much harder than it sounds! In my group… Garret was the director, Hannes was our ‘Lighting man’, Hector was our ‘Sound man’ and Eugenie and I were the two actresses. She was the thief and I was the ‘hero’ in our little story. It was so funny and our video actually won! Yay…Thanks Moose for teaching us all these great techniques. It was lots of fun.

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