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Borneo Selection Camp: Day 1

This signifies the start of a 10 day selection camp in which our Young Explorers will go through an assessment to see who, of the 15 candidates, will continue further and meet Mike Horn on the third Young Explorer Expedition in Indonesia, in October 2009.

Those chosen to attend the camp are:

Daniel Kotzé, South Africa, 20yrs
Tiffany De Klerk, South Africa, 16yrs
Xiaoxi Wang, China, 16yrs
Dongkyun Seo, South Korea, 20yrs
Hannes Van Eynde, Belgium, 17yrs
Simon Havas, Czech Republic, 15yrs
Kerstin Dörner, Germany, 18yrs
Jose Baz, Lebanon, 20yrs
Hector Prats Castro, Spain, 16yrs
Michelle Nay, Switzerland, 18 yrs
Tim Rohner, Switzerland, 17yrs
Eugénie Guillaume, France, 18yrs
Celestin Garrett, USA, 14yrs
Soledad Escribano, Argentina, 19yrs
Rodrigo Neves Steinman, Brasil, 16yrs.

The future ambassadors of the next generation are ready for an exciting adventure which could well change the course of their life. Follow the chosen Young Explorers from the beginning of their journey in Switzerland until they meet with Mike Horn and the Pangaea sailboat in Indonesia.

These young adults will be given a unique and incredible experience, living and learning about nature, discovering themselves, their companions, the world around them, and how they can actively participate towards a cleaner and better planet.

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