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Baltica Project – D Day

Blog written by Zuzanna

We woke up quite early to arrive in the village of Grabie at 7 o’clock in the morning with all our equipment and obviously the raft. It is so big and heavy that we had to transport it in pieces. First the
‘bananas’ = floats, then the wooden part of the deck and some food and water supplies. The cars (driven by our fathers, without whom the raft would have never ever been made) couldn’t reach the shore of the
river so we carried our stuff for about 300metres. Seems like nothing, but it created quite a delay.
With a bit of help from outside and a huge interest from the locals, we managed to put everything together within a couple of hours. The raft finally looked like a raft :)! The biggest news TV station arrived at the moment of the launching. They filmed us moving in to what will be our house for the next 6 weeks. What an exciting moment!

The day full of attractions ended with a campfire, sausages and singing. The night was surprisingly warm and the next morning, we started (as the Selection Camp’s tradition says) with a run. Then a quick breakfast, important safety recapitulation and we started the expedition!!!

The way went smoothly, we have a kayak to check the water route, as the raft is difficult to navigate, and, to be honest, slow as hell. Today there weren’t any difficulties, the river was calm, the weather
pretty good (only 3 hours of rain) and the river bad still regulated. The level of water is so low, we saw many water level measurement stations on our way and their results were quite shocking. Despite the easy route we arrived at the planned campsite late in het evening. From today until we reach Tarnobrzeg, we won’t have any computer, so expect news from the raft no sooner than on the 8th of June. Ahoy!

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