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Pangaea EcoCamp – June 3, 2012

Blog written by NaÄ‘a 'Nadja' VUKAŠINOVIĆ (Pangaea Africa Expedition Young Explorer)

The word is out that Young Explorers are coming to Kraljevo! Past couple of weeks a lot of people have asked about them, when are they coming, how long will they stay and can they meet them. Many people told me they want to get involved in all actions that will be organized. It was a great pleasure seeing all these people so excited to welcome Young Explorers into their hometown. The fact that I will see the team very soon after months of preparations, seems so unreal! We will have a lot of work and kids are eager to act with Young Explorers once again.  

Highlight of their visit to Serbia will definitively be the Eco-camp! In my opinion, Tara is the prettiest national park in Serbia. It isn't a very popular touristic destination so it hasn't been urbanized. Untouched nature that you can find up there, leaves you breathless. It will be an unforgettable experience exploring it with Young Explorers. There are many places to visit such as point views, ancient monasteries, lakes and habitats of endangered species and each one of them has its beauties. Eco-camp is an excellent idea because kids will get a chance to actually explore the nature and learn a lot about conserving it along the way.

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