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Day 47 Trek to the South Pole

There was no time to waste. The team attached their sleds and walked for four hours in the direction of the Pole.

Mike was happy, "It's great to be moving again. The stop-over at the Pole with Prince Albert was an amazing experience for the four of us, and of course it was a great honor to accompany him.
As we had to wait the following day at the Pole we were invited into the research station. The station is normally closed to visitors so we were very fortunate to do this and to learn about the ice cube project that they are currently doing.

But now we must return our thoughts to the reason we are here. For me it's to ski from the continents edge to the South Pole and for Borge, Clémence and Nicolas, their goal is to ski the last degree to the South Pole.

The weather is favorable today with blue skies, no wind and temperatures around -25°C.

Everybody is on form. We are getting on well and all have the same mission in mind – to get to the pole!

With only 105kms to go we think we'll be there in four days time." Mike

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