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YEPs prepare for Borneo Act Project

As Pangaea waits patiently in the Sutera Habour Marina in Kota Kinabalu, 6 youths prepare their bags. This time Mike Horn and Pangaea's crew set forth on a new adventure – to set up CSR solutions on the islands around Borneo, Malaysia.

The youths will join Pangaea on the 13th of January and during 12 days will search for and establish a programme that will enhance the beauty of the region whilst preserving the natural habitat and ecosystems of this amazing region.

The following Pangaea Ambassadors and Young Explorers will take part of this project event:

BERKER Rebecca (Germany, 31/03/1994 – Pangaea Mongolia Selection Camp)
BIONDO SHIMADA Akira Attilia (Japan, 19/09/1991 – Pangaea Mongolia Expedition)
CHUA SHE JEENG Leonard (Singapore, 03/02/1993 – Pangaea Himalaya Selection Camp)
D'ATH Saraya (Australia, 06/10/1995 – Pangaea Kamchatka Selection Camp)
DRAPELLA Zofia Grazyna (Poland, 30/04/1991 – Pangaea New Zealand Expedition)
GRAESSLIN Matthew (Switzerland, 20/09/1995)
MORRELL Lauren (USA, 27/10/1994 – Pangaea Pakistan Selection Camp)
OOSTHUIZEN Stefan (South Africa, 22/03/1989)

We will follow the YEPs progress over the 12 days through their blogs and photos so stay tuned and find out what happens next…

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