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YEPs embark on West2Wild Venture

Day 1 – West2Wild Project
Amazing last 24 hours!

Kai and Robyn arrived at Henko's late last night. We all instantly got along while packing the Mercedes-Benz Vito courtesy transportation Crew bus and discussed what would happen over the next few days. The four of us (Henko, Leni, Kai and Robyn) set off at dawn on our new exciting road trip up the beautiful South African coastline.

Despite Kai´s constant need for the loo- the trip went super smoothly. We stopped off at Heidelberg, which excited Leni as it reminded her of the German town with the same name. We had some coffee and Robyn
practiced her first day of veganism! Go team!

Finally we arrived in Tembulethu, which is just outside of George. Meeting new YEP Lani and her family was wonderful. They showed us the stunning landscape inhabited by wild zebras, bonte bok, and ostrich, which we will now call our home for the next two nights.

After setting up camp, we explored the area around us, experiencing true South African beauty. We then headed to the Carmel Holiday Farm to organize our presentation details for the following day. After meeting Gary, the organizer, the four of us headed down to Vic Bay, a famous South Africa surfing spot, to explore the beach front.

We arrived back at camp, and failed terribly at making popcorn on Henko´s gas burner. All in all, we had an incredible first day, enjoying each other’s company!

Thanks to Lani´s family for the land!

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