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YEP Step into Action for EUforIA

Early Friday morning the YEP's Luana, Tirza, Tiziana and Michelle were excited to meet in Basel. Today's mission: Spread the Pangea Message in two short presentations at EUforIA (Europeans United for Informed Action).

EUforIA is a huge exhibition where more than 800 young adults gathered and learned how they can get active. They coudl discover different workshops and presentations and it was our task to motivate them to do something for a better world!

So we introduced them to Pangaea: Who is Mike Horn? Why is Pangaea Expedition simply the best thing that can happen to you? How can you be the change you want to see in the world? What difficulties do you meet before, during and after an expedition? Why is it totally worth to face these challenges? About these and more questions we talked at a time 15 minutes. We gave our best to show our enthusiasm for our planet and the project. Hopefully some got infected with “YEP-fever” and will become part of the Pangaea family!

The contact to get the chance to do this we established at the 5th YEP-Meeting in Basel: Waiting at the train station for the last Yep’s to arrive, Jeronimo Calderon, the founder of EUforIA, asked us what we’re doing. Since Pangaea exactly fits in this programm he invited us to promote Mike Horn’s vision at the “EUforIA – STEP into Action”-Event. It’s amazing how easy you get in contact with people who support your ideas – Try it out too by being active ☺ !


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