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Mike’s Blog 03.03.2011

We have had a good run the last 2 days and things are looking better at this mid stage of our trip to Vancouver. There is a big low just north of us and I'm trying to stay with it so we can have favourable winds for the next couple of days. If we keep up our speed we can get to Vancouver on the17th but with fingers crossed we could get in early morning of the 16th. I'm pushing the boat hard and we have all sails up. If it wasn't for our new sails we would never have had a chance to reach Vancouver so quickly. I just got off watch at 5 am and we were surfing at 14kn but unfortunately only for small periods of time. At this stage we are covering about 265 nm a day. With 3920nm to go and a bit of luck we can arrive in Vancouver on the 16th. The 12 days of very bad weather that we had initially made us work very hard and we are all tired. As we are moving north we feel  it is getting colder and the days shorter. There is a dark moon and we are racing towards Vancouver with Pangaea fully dressed with her sails up in completely black surroundings. It feels like driving a car full throttle with a black windscreen in front of you. No boats in sight since we left Guam. The Pacific is massive but few boats take this northern route in winter.

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