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YEP EXP Magnetic North Pole-Day 7

MIke calls to give us news!.. and its all good!!!

It was two days ago that the team was placed in the starting position for their trek to the Magnetic North Pole. Bad weather hampered their drop off in Isachen with Twin Otters on the 1st of May but their luck changed on the 2nd. Because of the constantly strong winds It was decided the team would be taken to an older airstrip with a DC3. They arrived at midday to their point of departure. Mike reports that conditions were not at all good. It was cold, with blowing drifting snow. This was a difficult initiation for the whole crew but they did not let it dampen their spirits. With not a minute to loose, the expedition started and the team walked a good four hours before putting their tents up and settling in for the evening, happy with the way the day had turned out.

As the expedition develops the routine will become easier and easier. MIke was proud to report that the young explorers got their tents up in around 7-8 minutes. Pretty impressive for a first day with strong blowing wind!

After a warm and comfortable sleep the team woke up with a wonderful surprise – blue skies and absolutely no wind. Travelling north they followed the coastline of an island on perfectly flat ice. They covered a total of 20kms on their first full day of trekking and after dinner in the evening took snow measurements for the University of Munich.

When Mike called today it was around 11am local time. Its a late start for the group but there is a lot to prepare for a days walk on the Arctic Ice. The weather today is good although cloudy and temperatures are moderate with around -10 to -12 °C. Today the group will venture onto the sea ice so conditions will become a little more challenging. The team will coss over pack Ice today and Mike has seen the tell tale signs of open water in the distance. Open water is of course the attraction for polar bears so the team must remain alert.

Mike carriesd on to say that the YEPs are great! They are motivated and confident. He is thrilled with their perfomance to date. The first, hardest days are now over. Things can only become easier as they become more familiar with the territory, the routine, their loads become lighter and as they become stronger day by day.

The first photos  will be online very soon…




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