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YEP EXP Magnetic North Pole-Day 5

Today is our big day, we should be setting off to the Magnetic North Pole this morning. The first thing I notice at breakfast is the immense tension. Not surprising, we've been looking forward to this moment, ever since we've been selected to go on this amazing expedition. Mike has taught lots and now we finally should set off. But our plans change. Due to bad weather conditions our plane can't fly. That just shows, how unpredictable the Arctic is.

We try to get the most out of the day and wander around Resolute Bay. Outside of Resolute we come upon a dog sledge where all dogs are chained up. We're astonished to see, that one of the husky dogs is giving birth to puppy dogs. Only then do we realize, that two of them have frozen to death at temperatures of -20C and strong winds. We try to rescue and warm up the remaining four puppies. Once we contact the owner we are surprised and disappointed to hear, that he doesn't care. Nowadays the Inuit aren't reliable on dogs and don't care about them, since they have got four wheelers and snowmobiles. But happy end to the story: we found a family, who wanted the puppies.

Mike is thinking about to opening a Pangaea expedition center in Resolute Bay, so we looked at an old empty building, it seems to be very interesting.

At the place we are staying at we meet a couple of Inuit teenagers and ended up telling each other about the places we come from, about traditions in New Zealand, how life is in China and how their daily life looks like. They brought us some traditional caribou meat, which we ate raw of course. I really enjoyed the conversation with them and had to laugh, when the eight year old inuit boy asked me, how many animals I've killed already. He of course was proud to announce, that he's killed two seals and helped to kill a caribou.

Hopefully better weather is coming to set off tomorrow…







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