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YEP EXP Magnetic North Pole-Day 3

Today we are having the big ski test. You might not believe this but for Felix it is the first time ever on skis in his entire life. We ski on slippery ice and all of us fall down on the hard frosty ground at least once. When Mike asks us how our experience was, Felix just answers: "Painful!" What an excellent start!

We are in Resolute Bay, above the Arctic Circle where the Inuit kids play outside until midnight since it's light 24 hours a day. Strolling around the little village (215 inhabitants) we discover a curiosity. There, next to a small house is hanging a polar bear, shot only a couple of days ago. This animal is one out of 20 bears the community is allowed to shoot per year. It's a regulation that tries to compromise between ancient traditions and wildlife preservation.

We are learning many important lessons from Mike and the team. Their stories are about polar bears, dangerous crevasses, frost bites… We are sucking up everything we hear and learn – it will for sure come in very useful once we are out on the ice.

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