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YEP EXP Magnetic North Pole-Day 2

Temperature: -19°C
Sky: blue without any clouds
Air: dry and fresh
Feeling of being at this place: Indescribable

To put your foot on the arctic ground for the first time is quite impressive. You’ve already seen this white and cold desert from the airplane. You’ve stared down to the ground just thinking if this might be a dream or really is happening right now. You feel so privileged that you’re given this unique opportunity to explore this region on your own and learn from people who can teach you first-hand experiences.

Arriving in Resolute Bay after a day of flights from Ottawa via Iqaluit and Arctic Bay is tiring but you don’t feel it because the excitment is much bigger than the feeling your body is telling you to go to bed. Well, going to bed isn’t that easy at all. Imagine, the sun never disappears, it’s bright all the time. A totally new experience for all of us Young Explorers.

But the really big adventure hasn’t even started yet, although these two days feel like two weeks because I’ve already experienced so much. Always when a lot of different things happen, when there’s no time to get bored, time seems to be running in exactly this moment but when you think back in the evening it feels like 2 weeks have passed. For us two weeks of adventure are still to come – this is just the beginning.

We got all our equipment needed for the expedition including our sleds, skis and food. This makes me realize that I’m part of this expedition and not just dreaming.

Tomorrow we’re going to put our feet to the arctic ground for the second time. But for the first time while wearing skis. I guess this will be another new and indescribable feeling – like the feeling I’ve experienced when I went out of the airplane in the cold but fresh air, ready for an adventure of a life time which will probably be the most challenging thing I’ve ever done in my life.

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