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We have the pleasure to announce who are the 8 young explorers selected to join Mike in Antarctica :

Vincent Butty, 19, Switzerland
Clémence Cadario, 20, France
Nora Haselbach, 19, Switzerland
Alexandra Le Dily, 17 France
Maria Puig Ribas, 16, Spain
Henry Stanislaw, 19, USA
Nicolas Valdivieso, 17, Chili
Carlien Wolmarans, 17,South Africa

This morning Mike announced who was selected to join him in Antarctica and said : “It has been an unbelievable ten days for all of us involved in this process, participants and team members. We’ve come together and I truly feel we have become a family. Our main objective was to find true ambassadors to carry the message of the Pangaea expedition to the world. I congratulate everyone for their attitude and energy. I welcome the young people, selected today as the first members of the Young Explorers Program.”

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