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On Route to Ushuaia

We were very happy with the results and the enthusiasm of our YE's (Young explorers) and are now in full swing in the preparation for their trip to Antarctica in two weeks time.

After 10 days of amazing experiences and souvenirs in the Swiss Alps these youths have shown huge motivation to go further, to learn more and take on their roles as ambassadors for our planet.

"Pangaea" the polar exploration sailboat, is currently heading down south along the west coast of South America and the crew are very eager to meet up with our first project ambassadors.

Panama to Ushuaia is a long leg, over 5 000 miles. Because the waters are rich in nutrients in the Humboldt / Peru current our crew have been very fortunate to be witness to incredible marine life and an amazing variety of bird life.

We're looking forward to sharing these visions with others.

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