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YEP 9 Selection Camp – Day 9

Blog by Ricarda

"How far is it?" That was the big question – THE RAID ! We were split in two teams of eight. Each team, "Inukshuk" and "Aurora" got maps, coordinates, a compass, important gear like a harness, carabiners and mountain bikes. The "race" started and our first discipline was to cycle to a certain point – the foot of the steep mountain called the "Videmanette", it was our first goal on the given route. Our aim was to walk and summit the mountain +- 2000m in altitude.

Team "Inukshuk" arrived at first. The whole team is tied on one rope and had to climb in one line, secured on a cable. It seems to be easy, but the difficulty is that you are depending on the rope, which every member of the team is attached to. The view up there was incredible. On the hike down Anna, a member of the "Inukshuk" team twisted her ankle, but she didn't give up till the end. Thanks to the great teamwork they were not overtaken by the second group.

Meanwhile in Team Aurora, Terresa was struggling after a fall from her bike. She showed immense bravery and was well supported by her team. The team tried to keep spirits high and make up for some lost ground.

After pushing the bikes up a small path in the forest, a team exercise followed, known as the "Wall" – climbing over a wooden wall with supportive walking wooden planks to help the team cross this exercise wall. Towards the evening we could watch the amazing sunset while walking on top of a mountain. But we hadn't arrived at our camping site yet !

Late this evening we walked through a forest to pick up our bikes again and cycle the last section till we reached our sleeping spot.  Inukshuk were still well ahead. We were pushing all the time and "Inukshuk" arrived there at one o'clock early morning, the other team "Aurora" one and a half hours later. We had to build up our tents, before cooking our supper. Everybody was grateful for the quick "short nap" before heading out again early the next morning.

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