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YEP 9 Selection Camp – Day 2


Our first day in Switzerland was a big success, we all came to the Expedition Center in one piece, full of positive energy and ready for the adventure of our lives.

At seven o'clock the next morning we saw tired, but smiling faces. We did a jog for about an hour, where we ran endless hills. Some of us struggled from the high altitude and different oxygen levels, but finally everyone reached the top and we had some stretching exercises. When we came back, the breakfast was ready and we all had a nice, hot cup of coffee.

The Team gave us time to get ready for the exciting activities to come. We were divided into groups, we both had photography and filming workshops. We got an assignment where we should create a video about a sustainable lifestyle. We first decided on our aspects and than we had to make a storyboard with different scenes and descriptions. The 'super-YEPs' team was the first to shoot their scenes and make fools out of themselves in front of the whole village.

After the workshops we had lunch (the food is fantastic here!), another opportunity to get to know each other better, exchange languages (example 'awe bru' = hello in Afrikaans or 'cześć' in Polish) and learn from one another of the various project we are planning and implementing.

The Mayo Clinic had prepared a few presentations on eco-fitness, globesity and getting our height, body fat percentage, lenght. This was all an introduction to the fitness tests we will be doing and we can't wait (that's what Juriaan thinks) to start them.

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