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Ahoy there !

Today we set out on an adventure that will never be forgotten. The day was spent sailing on Lake Leman.  Throughout the day we learnt new sailing skills and tactics instructed by a team of professionals, including Raphael Gabella who participated in the New Zealand expedition. By working in a confined space with 6 other people, makes you realize how important communication, leadership and team work skills are.

This evening a journalist ; Alexander Zelenka travelled from Geneva to Château-d’Oex to give a presentation about his occupation, he provided us with tips and ideas on how to create newspaper and magazine articles. An activity was assigned to create a short informative story on todays experience, shown below is each groups article.

« Tack, Tack, Tack » the boom comes flying at your face, your feet are instantaneously soaked and you have to pull the rope until your arms feel like jelly. For most of us, this was our first experience sailing. An experience none of the young explorer will ever forget. Under the grey skies uncharacteristically wind swept conditions of Lake Leman, also known as Lake Geneva, we buckled our life jackets and climb the board, ready for our next adventure at the 7th YEP selection camp. Hanging on for dear life, our experienced skippers assured us, that the despite the ninety degree angle our boats would not capsize. « Pull the rope, tack, jibe, starboard, boat, release, take in ». All the new words running through our heads coupled with the sound of the crashing wind against the sail drowned out every thing else. We were wet, wind swept, exhilarated and exhausted. Every one of us with a smile on our face. Is this what Kamchatka has in store for us ?
The sails billowed in the wind, six youths tugged on the rope, struggling to steer the boat on Lake Leman. Even now we young explorers are still giddy from the excitement of the race this afternoon, where we had to compete with each other on three different sailing boats while learning how to work them. We soon learn that the only way we could successfully sail was by working together. There was no way a person could single-handedly change the direction of the sails, which aloud the boat to finally cross the finishing line.

As cold as a polar bears toe nails
Eyes shifting down from the recent snow caped swiss alps, we glide across the wind stripped waters of the Geneva Lake. Skipped in crewed by passionate young explorers, they work together as a team to create the forward momentum they need to cut there way through and navigate their lines. Victory won on a days out competitive racing in the crisp polar winds today.

Wind roars past our ears, Pull, Pull, Pull is hailed while we screamble like made man to haul in the rope for the last leg to cross the finish line for victory. The realization of team work enters our minds as we cross the line and claim our pride. « We had done it », the team has together achieved and matched their insertions.
Frost bite comes second behind the adrenaline of success.

« Grab your officine panerai jackets, gloves and caps because it’s going to be a wet and bouncy sailing day on Lake Geneva ». Indeed we did need our gloves today. Not only to protect our fingers from the cold but also to avoid blisters, from clenching the rope with all our strength. The wind was very strong, good for sailing but challenging for our first try.

Dimitry, our photographer, confronted us with an extra challenge; in order for him to get a perfect picture he needed to have us on a specific spot and the boat on an exact angle. Pausing and smiling for the camera we were not exactly prepared for the boat to switch tacks. This resulted in our legs in the water, a really bad condition for the cold wind we already felt. Nevertheless  we were laughing so hard that we forgot the coldness and continued having fun, learning new sailing skills. The sound of the engine starting marked the end of our great day. Again we realized how important teamwork is and how lucky we are to be here.

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