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YEP 6 Mongolian Expedition is about to start …

Eight Young Explorers said 'Goodbye' to their families today and are now en route for Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, where they will meet up with Mike Horn and his team.

Tomorrow they will begin a journey of a lifetime, discovering the beauty of Mongolia, understanding its people and the complex ecosystem of the Mongolian Gobi Desert.

Stay tuned for the daily blogs and photos that will be sent to us by our enthusiastic group of Young Explorers….

FACTS ABOUT THE EXPEDITIONThe expedition will be located in the North East in the region of Lake Huvsgul and the west of Dalandzadgad in the southern Mongolia. This is a semi-desert steppe with a variety of specialized plants and animals, interesting geological and geomorphological features. But it is also used for grazing goats and camels.The Gurvansaikhan National Park is one of the destinations of the expedition. This unique landscape is not only a playground for great exploring activities, but is also a good place to learn about the environment and to address the specific environmental problems of the area.The main focus of the “learning part” of the expedition will be on geomorphology, vegetation and soil. To define the current situation of vegetation cover, water bodies and geomorphological features (dunes and valleys) multispectral high resolution SPOT satellite images will be analyzed.


From left to right: Lucas Lovell 18 yrs, AU, Constantin Vogt, 19 yrs, DE, Magdalena Gründl, 18 yrs, DE, Tirza Niklaus, 18 yrs, CH, Nicolette Meyer, 17 yrs, SG, Martin Añon, 20 yrs, AR, Akira Biondo, 19 yrs, CH, Inge Pieterson, 20 yrs, ZA

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