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YEP 6 Camp Mongolia Day 8

Day 8 – Blog written by Joanna and Tirza.

Today we started another wonderful amazing day with sleeping (until 6.30 ☺) Then of course we did some more exhausting physical exercises… 🙂

At 7.00 o’clock 16 motivated Explorers ran to the climbing hall. Martin shared his chalk with us and that made the climbing so much faster and better. We tried to climb up without using hands which was pretty funny and not so easy…

Then we split up into two groups: The first one was doing horse riding in the morning while our boss Martin taught the second one how to handle a compass.

Joanna’s memories from horse riding :
Horse riding was an amazing expercience today. Even more, it was the first time doing horse riding for most of young explorers. Also, those who were experienced in this sport could learn a lot from Marie Tabarly, one of the best horse riding trainers ever.

I personally think I got an incredible chance to try new things and learn a lot from Marie. At the begining we played in ball game (some horses were really scared of the ball and everytime I tried to catch the ball Wachita- my horse- ran away to the farther corner and didn’t want to move in any direction. We also made a little trip around the beautiful Swiss mountains. These moments will stay unforgettable in my mind. Thank You.

Tirza’s experiences with map working:

Maps, compasses, pens, rulers lay on the table and we all got a script with a lot of text. But because you learn better by doing than by reading, we soon started to practise. We looked for checkpoints at a 1 :25'000 and noted the bearing. I was not unhappy to discover that it’s much easier than it looked… 😉 After we proved our skills inside, the real adventure started. Equipped with only a map and a compass we searched some checkpoints around Chateau-d’Oex. Dimitri and his camara took some good shoots (he told us to look intelligent, what was not so easy… ;-). We had a lot of fun under the blue sky and some of us got a new hairstyle (kind of flowerpower in their hair, check the pictures… !

After dinner – as tasty as ever – we all finnished in a hurry our power point presentations and short movies to promote the Shark T-Shirt competition, good work of everyone !

As you see are we busy all day, every day. It's just crazy with so many new and unforgettable impressions, with so much fun.

We’re excited about the Big Pangaea Young Explorer Raid tomorrow… all our friends are asleep already. We wish YOU a good night (or good morning).

Have fun and enjoy your life as much as we do here in Château-d’Oex !!!




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