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YEP 6 Camp Mongolia Day 7

Day 7 – Blog written by Constantin & Agnieszka

Today we were split in two groups. The first one had to wake up earlier because directly after the breakfast they were going paragliding. Already the drive up with the van was wonderful because we could enjoy the landscape around us. Some of us have never seen "so much" snow at once which made the whole trip even more exciting. The feeling of going in the air is unbelievable and the flight just indescribable. After 5-10min flight we were all keen on a new run, but sadly we didn't get the chance to repeat this awesome experience. Afterwards we had to speed back with our bikes for our lunch in the blazing sun.

Meanwhile the second group was struggling with biking the most difficult track I have ever seen. We had to go uphill and then down through the forest with a lot of corners full of roots and other obstacles. Finishing the mountain biking we had a horse riding lesson, for some of us the very first. Learning how to set up a horse and to ride it, we all gave our best and did well. Unfortunately because of the lack of time we weren't able to ride outside.

In the afternoon the group switched and the other group tried to do paragliding. We didn't have luck with the weather because a thunderstorm started when four people still had to go up. Luckily they will get a chance tomorrow morning and we all hope that they will get the possibility to experience such an extreme sport, too.

During this time the first group learned everything about horse riding and even made a small trip outside. It immediately started to rain heavily and we got totally soaked. Everyone was motivated and we enjoyed the horse-rain-riding.

In the evening we got one interesting presentation about sharks in South Africa, which was held by Michael, the new Mike Horn team member. After dinner Young Explorers from previous expeditions shared their wonderful experiences with us and we got to see many incredible pictures and videos. There was not just general information, but also funny clips like all the "Moose cuts". We had a pleasure to meet Nora and Alexandra from the Antarctica Expedition, Simon from the New Zealand Expedition, Florence and Lucie from the India Expedition and Alex and Tiziana from the Himalayan Expedition. Thank you so much for visiting us!

It was an unforgettable day with horse riding, for most the first time in their lives and getting to go paragliding. We are now working on our projects and videos and really looking forward tomorrow's activities and presentations.



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