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YEP 6 Camp Mongolia Day 2

Day 2 – Blog writen by Li Jie and Daniel

After resting from our various flights and train rides from yesterday we embarked on an early morning jog through the Swiss mountains. Everyone thought the view was amazing. For most of us the landscape is completely different from what we are used to. It only made us realise how real this experience is. Some of us struggled at first, but in the end we got the best of the exercise.

After breakfast we had an awesome discussion about the history, climate and ‘need to knows’ of Mongolia with Dr. Roswitha Stolz. Everyone agrees that Mongolia is definitely a place to explore and the enthusiasm to be there is great and still increasing.

In the evening, we learnt about soil, its degradation and how to measure it characteristics through simple experiments. We learnt a lot about climate change and more specifically desertification. This was all in preparation for the Mongolia Expedition.

We ended our fun filled day with a course in basic photography with Ben and Dmitri providing great tips. During the course we happily snapped away hundreds of photos of each other as well as the amazing scenery. More than a few batteries were drained in the end.

All in all we had a fun filled day. We got to know each other better and all of us are waiting in anticipation for tomorrow.



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