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YEP 12 Africa Expedition – Day 3

Blog written by Anika and Robert

We got off to an early start at 8:00 A.M. and continued walking south towards Henties Bay.

After walking for 10 minutes, we noticed the 4×4 was stuck in the mud. For the next hour, we tried all sorts of techniques to free the vehicle from the “pudding.” Drenched in “pudding” and making no progress, we hiked off to the beach to take water samples.

Soon after, local fishermen and police showed up to help, but quickly left after deciding the “pudding” would likely ensnare them as well. We finally gave up digging and resumed walking for hours through unchanging landscape.

Sand seemed to stretch endlessly in every direction, which made it difficult to judge our progress. By 5:00 P.M., we came within sight of Henties Bay which appeared to be quite small but was actually vast in size. We reached our camp site, in someone’s back yard, and rushed to set up our tents before dinner.

Our feet were hurting and blistered so we looked forward to a nice rest because we knew that more hiking was waiting for us the next day.

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