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Geberit School Project South Africa-Day 3

By Theresa and Livio

Today was a special day because it was Quentin’s Birthday. At 5 past mid night we woke him up by singing Happy Birthday and bringing a tasty chocolate cake. After a short celebration we went back to bed.

When we arrived in the school this morning the workers, parents and staff from the school were already working on the food garden, which is our main project for the next few days. We really appreciate the effort the local people are bringing into the project and so we could progress even more than we have expected.
During the morning some of us were working hard in the garden and other went organising all the supplies we need for painting the walls. Even if we are at the school only for a few days we are working all together like a big family. Also the kids are helping us during the holidays and we had a lot of fun together by painting the walls and even sometimes ourselves ☺.

Before we went to Port Elizabeth we didn’t know how much the community will help us with the project but today we realised that with our presence and initiatives we can start the project in which everyone from the community supports us and thus makes it not only our project but also their project. We are very happy about this because we know when we aren’t at the school anymore the project will go on.

Today we left the school a bit earlier to go to Jeffrey´s Bay where the Billabong pro surfing tournament took place. It was incredible to see how they danced with their surfboard over the waves.

As the day before we had a lot of new experiences especially culturally.

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