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YEP 12 Africa Expedition – Day 16

Blog written by Seb & Anika

We sailed through the night and arrived early this morning just outside of Cape Town where we picked up several celebrities/friends of the PANGAEA project. After a brief introduction and a great breakfast of croissants we hoisted and set sails heading straight home to Cape Town. We arrived to a fantastic and extremely jubilant crowd of ex-young explorers, journalists from all over the world and of course the faithful sponsor representatives.

After a short press conference type event we invited everyone on board PANGAEA for a sail. There was a great turn out and we possibly had more people onboard than ever before. Hoping to impress Mike ordered all sails up and off we went; along with the past young explorers we grinded and grinded those sails up! During the sail we had more time to get to further know the other young explorers and the rest of the entourage. We ended the night with a nice, well-deserved dinner on land and we are going to sleep comfortably in the harbour tonight.

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