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Geberit School Project South Africa – DAY 12

It was a sad day for the 20 Fontein kids at Shamwari. It was their last day on the reserve and they all enjoyed the experience very much. We woke up early and after some coffee we drove to the Born Free Foundation centre.

Glen, the guide spoke to the kids about poaching and taught them more about the skulls in the information centre. As Glen grew up close to the school he could relate to the kids and spoke to them in Afrikaans. They were very excited and asked lots of questions.

After the information session we went to look at the leopards that were saved from the Sudan. They were caught by soldiers as cubs and raised as guard cats. The Born Free Foundation saved them and brought the leopards to Shamwari to live out their days in their natural environment.

We came back to a hearty cooked breakfast, where after we slowly packed up our things and left. With sad hearts the kids said goodbye to a once in a lifetime experience. Us as the young explorers can only hope that they will use these 4 days to make a change in their lives and in the lives of others around them.
We arrived back at the school and jumped straight into planting seeds in the food garden and finishing the murals. Every time we come back to the school the kids get more and more excited and they want to help with everything we do. We worked till very late in the afternoon and I’m sure all the YEP’S are going to have a lekka sleep tonight.

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