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YEP 12 Africa Expedition – Day 1

Blog written by Oliver and Nadja

It was hugs and smiles as we all reunited in the Johannesburg airport!

It was colder than we had expected but tucked up in our Mike Horn Jackets it was easy to spot one another and our group slowly grew to its full size. We did our best to catch up on everything that had happened in the 8 weeks since the Selection Camp in Switzerland before we had to hop on another plane departing to Walvis Bay Namibia.

Once on the plane we each tried to catch as much sleep as possible but on such a short flight that wasn’t much of an option. The view from the plane was somewhat of a spectacle. We were amazed and a bit confused as there was nothing to see but the vast continuing waves of sand.

The first thing waiting for us in Namibia was a long queue at the passport check. Dima and Richard were quite impatient so they tried to sneak through imigration towards us waiting in line. Their petty crime further halted the process of imigration and got themselves kicked out.

After meeting Luke at the airport, we went to leave our bags at the Bed and Breakfast that we’ll be staying at for the night.

All of us wanted to head down to the beach as soon as possible, so after a short introduction by Luke and Roswitha we got our cameras and went to the coast. The water seemed inviting so all of us took our shoes off and got our feet wet, which was very relaxing. It was also interesting to see jellyfish lying on the sand.

We’re looking forward to days ahead of us and can’t wait to go explore sand dunes that surround us. Welcome to Africa!

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