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Geberit School Project South Africa – Day 2

I consider myself to be a very emotional person. When I watch a movie I often start crying. In sad situations as well as in happy ones. But never ever I have been moved to tears by anybody giving a speech or performing on stage. This morning it was different.

When we arrived at Fontein Combined School in Port Elizabeth we didn't expect much although the principal had promised us a welcome celebration. The kids are still in their holidays so we were happily surprised when we realized that they organized a really big event with teachers, students and even their parents involved.

For me the time in South Africa hasn't been too different to Europe so far. I didn't really feel like being in South Africa. Always I've asked myself when this point of realizing would come. This was definitely this morning.

Seeing these kids dance and sing for us and being confronted with indigenous rites was a totally new experience for me and I didn't expect it to be so intense. It moved me to tears how these kids danced for us expressing their happiness about us staying with them for the next three weeks. They thanked God for having chosen their school and showed us how much they appreciate our work.

I've never before met people who are so warm and welcoming. We haven't even done anything yet and they included us in their school as equal members, not visitors from outside.

It's often those people who don't have much that are the most friendly and welcoming people. I've often heard that before – now I know what people were talking about. And they are absolutely right.

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