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YEP 10 USA CAMP – Day 8

Day 8 01.10.2011 Blog by Dan & Aya

This morning began with the infamous YEP church run, where a relay race around ‘Church Hill’ was held between the YEPs of our Selection Camp and the visiting YEPs. It was very competitive, but in the end the YEP alumni took the win.

For the rest of the day we had a really interesting workshop with Dr Roswitha Stolz from the University of Munich. We learnt about the complexity of the environmental issues facing the Gulf of Mexico and the Everglades. A point of particular interest to me (Dan) was the presence of 27,000 abandoned oil wells that have not been tested for their potential environmental hazards. We also were educated on the hurricanes in the guld region and their effects on the people and the natural environment.

Tonight we are having a video screening where each group will present their mini movie that they have been working on for the past week. The theme for our videos is the ‘Greenwave’ – where YEPs around the world on the same day, at the same time, take part in an initiative for the environment. Most groups are frantically working to finish the editing within the next few hours. We are looking forward to a really exciting evening!

Everyone is beginning to get nervous and terribly excited for the Pangaea Raid tomorrow. There is a tension in the air that is building towards finding out exactly what we will be doing and in what groups we will be in. There is such a large amount of mystery surrounding the Raid, and no past YEPs are giving away any secrets! It is sure to be the highlight of our Selection Camp, and tonight will most surely be an early one in preparation for what is in store for us tomorrow.


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