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YEP 10 USA CAMP – Day 7

Blog written by Jermy

Today we started the day with an amazing mountainbiking tour.  We did it in a place where the 1997 downhill  biking world championships took place, it was very technical but everyone did it very well.Then we had to edit the videos that we did during this week, the goal of this videos is to promote the green wave project , it’s about doing environmental actions during one hour one day, if you want more information just have a look at the ACT projects on the pangaea website 😉

In the afternoon we did a map workshop , we learned lots of thing about  how to orientate ourselves with a map and a compass. We learned about how to use the coordinates on a map , and then did an orientation race to test what we just learned. Everything went very well , at least we didn’t get lost .
During the evening we had time to talk with young explorers from former expeditions.  It was very interesting because they did so many amazing things , it makes me  want even more to be selected and to be part of this great family.

Blog written by Ravyna

"It's already been 7 days since the camp started, time is flying by VERY quickly!

We started the day with some mountain biking, and continued with a Workshop about Map and Compass Skills, and were given time to edit our videos for the Pangaea Green Wave Project.

It's been really lively having all the Old YEPs visiting us, and in the evening they gave us a presentation about their Selection Camps and Expeditions!!! It was really interesting to hear what they had to say about their experiences and watching their videos and what they had to say about what happens after the Selection Camp.

It really makes me feel more motivated and stoked for the Expedition after hearing what they had to say and their experiences!

Everyday presents us with such amazing experiences and i can't wait what tomorrow holds for us!"

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