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Day3 – 27.09.2011 Blog written by Lavanya and Livio

The excitement at Château-d’oex has been building up.

Day 3 at the USA selection camp kick-started with the YEPs going for a quick run to the park. The jog was followed by a couple of fitness exercises and stretches. Some exercises were rigorous but it was fun stretching that bit of calf muscles.

This was followed by some lovely Swiss breakfast which we happily munched on. 

Then the YEPs headed for a seminar and interaction on blue efficiency with the instructors at the Mercedes Benz Company. The lucky few who had the driver’s license got to drive through the Swiss Alps in the latest eco-friendly Mercedes models. The YEPs who didn’t have a license got a motivation and an incentive to get their license in time but, nevertheless enjoyed the drive through the mountains.

The young explorers were given tips on the right techniques to keep in mind while driving a car.

But the most exciting part of the workshop was that the license holders got to drive F-cell Mercedes models which are extremely rare as there are only 500 of these cars in the world at present.

The Mike Horn team organized a fun team building activity after this to get the YEPs to work together. 

Day 3 at Château-d’oex was definitely more intense with a lot of programmes and activities but YEPs were better acclimatized as they were more in sync with the Swiss time zone.

The last activity we had here was a presentation by the Mayo Clinic. They briefed us about the different physical tests that we will be undergoing in the coming two days.

We are all now, off to sleep to conserve energy for another big, long day tomorrow.

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