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26 September 2011 By Gregory Antono

Still bursting with excitement about our arrival in Château-d’Oex, day two began with our very first morning exercise at 7am. Everyone from the different timezones forgot about the jetlag and was ready to rumble.

Jogging up the rolling hills, some of us found it challenging getting used to the altitude. Nevertheless, everyone’s spirits were high and reached the top eventually. An amusing event that occurred while running back to Hotel de Ville was when we ran with a herd of cows, and one of them started charging toward us !  All of us made it back eventually – we washed up and had a very hearty breakfast.

The first round of workshops began and the 15 of us were split up into 2 groups. Both of us were in Group 1, and underwent Photography workshops with Dmitry and Ben. Dmitry first gave us a very insightful lesson on the basics of how cameras work and how to take good pictures, teaching us what to look out for when purchasing cameras of our own. Ben then taught us how to frame our pictures. The workshop ended with a practical exercise – we went up to the church to try and take our own shots, based on what we learnt in the workshop, before heading back and analyzing each other’s photos.

After Lunch the two groups swapped the workshops. We went to the conference room to listen to a presentation held by Mary, the new press specialist. She advised us how to handle the media, how to do an interview most efficiently and how we could present ourselves, and the Pangaea Message, the best.
After the short introduction we carried on with Eddy and his work as second cameraman. He explained to us that we would have to shoot a little film until the end of the week, presenting the Pangaea Green Wave Project.  We watched some videos from different Camps and are now ready to get started on this challenge.
We concentrated on the information carefully and then joined together for dinner. After dinner we got focused on the next event: the shark presentation by Michael Scholl. The shark presentation fascinated us all. We were really captured by the story about Nicole, a shark which disappeared after giving the first definitive information about shark movement though out the year.
Still excited about the interesting day we had, we’re all finally heading to bed now!

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