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YEP 10 Camp USA DAY 1

Sept.25 – Day 1:

Blog written by Mario Löscher

After my plane took off today I felt a tear drop going down my eye because this flight was the real beginning of the camp for me. When I arrived in Geneva, Ravyna, Lavynja, Michal and Rick where still waiting for me. After Anne also arrived we got into our car and went to Château-d'Oex. Our driver, Dave, told us that we will need about 1 hour and 45 minutes. But Dmitry was with us and he wanted to photograph us nearly everywhere, so we needed about 4 hours to get to the Expedition Center. At least it was a lot of fun for all of us and we felt a little bit famous 🙂

When we finally arrived in Château-d'Oex we chat a little bit with the others who where already there and waited for the last two Young Explorers to arrive. When they did, we made a huge group hug, showed them their rooms and had diner. Afterwards Martin told us what he expects from us, then everyone of the whole team did say some words about themselves and finally we did our selfpresentations in front of the others.

Tomorrow the morning exercise starts at about 7 o'clock.

Blog written by Daniel Cullum

There are some truly remarkable moments in life that we must not fail to appreciate, as we may miss how special they are. Today, fifteen young people travelled from all corners of the globe to meet in a tiny village in the Swiss Alps to become Young Explorers. Right now, I’m living and am part of an experience that will never repeat itself again! Taking a step back to breathe and fully comprehend all that is going on – this is going to be one of the lights guiding my way for the next ten days. What a moment to be alive! ☺

There is so much energy in this place, even with so many YEPs having travelled a bajillion hours to get here. There is a certain sense of anticipation hovering over our Hotel de Ville, an expectant and excited one! We spent much of the afternoon singing songs, playing games, getting to know each other while waiting for the other YE to arrive.

After dinner we shared OUR stories! Each YEP shared their story, about their home, and their life. There are so many people, with so many different backgrounds, and so many different pathways that have led us here to this moment. I cannot wait to get to know everyone more and develop friendships over these next ten days which will last long into the future ☺

I shall now take my leave and depart the fair shores of the living room for my bed! My fellow YEPs are sleeping, and I do believe that I’m still somewhere over India or Romania in terms of timezones. Fare ye well blog readers, I hope through our words you can join us on this expedition in the beautiful village of Château-d'Oex☺

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